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Water gardening is low-maintenance gardening and requires less water than a lawn of equal size. Cool and refreshing sounds of splashing water, or the serenity of calm, still water make the enjoyment well worth the little time one takes to care for the beautiful landscape of a water garden. Barry Vance's Aqua Gardens are able to design, install, and provide maintenance of water gardens, koi ponds, waterfalls, cascades, and landscaping in a natural environment.

Water gardens and Koi ponds are relatively new to most people in the US, but have thrived for hundreds of years in Europe and Asia. Anyone who has toured the countryside in England has to admire the many beautiful water gardens adorning every village and countryside home. Although water gardens common in Naples Florida or the Florida Keys, there is an increased demand and popularity for water gardening locally in Tennessee (Nashville, Brentwood, Clarksville), Indiana (Indianapolis, Terre Haute), and Kentucky (Bowling Green, Glasgow, Elizabethtown).




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Who We Are

We are a full-service aqua gardening and landscaping company located in central Kentucky. We have over 20 years of experience in raising Japanese Koi and building custom aqua gardens.

Our aqua garden projects include: creeks, ponds, and lakes; water falls, water wheels, and fountains. We have built water installations ranging in size from 500 gallons to 500,000 gallons of water.

We specialize in high quality, low maintenance water gardens, koi ponds, waterfalls, and natural landscaping.


With over 20+ years of experience, we specialize in high-quality, low-maintenance water gardens. With having done work in Kentucky, Tennessee, and Indiana, contact us to see if we service your are in the Southeast United States.



Read What People Are Saying!

Barry and I agreed on a very fair price and the work was started the very next weekend! Process was amazing to watch as our pond and waterfall started to take shape. Project was finished on time and was amazing. We have had no issues at all with the installed equipment. All in all, a great investment for our property and very relaxing to watch and listen to.
— Todd (Indiana)
The thing that impresses me most about Barry is that he truly wants your pond to be everything you want it to be. Most pond builders, in my opinion, build them and just leave...not Barry! He wants you to be happy!!! No one can go wrong if they choose Barry to build or take care of their pond. When it comes to ponds, Barry will always be our man!!!
— Susan (Kentucky)
We have used Barry Vance and his crew to clean our Koi Pond for 3 years. He is there when he says he’ll be, does his work, cleans up when he’s done, and does a fantastic job. Our fish have a clean environment and stay healthy. We had algae problems in the past and Barry was able to give us a product to help us keep it under control. He is honest and works hard and I would highly recommend him and his crew.
— Pam & John (Kentucky)