Koi Fish Pond

Aqua Gardens will design, construct, and build an eco-system for Koi ponds and Koi water gardens. Our approach to building our customer's Koi ponds is an educational experience, helping create an energy efficient Koi pond with the right aquatic plants, Koi, goldfish, and other aquatic plants and fish.


Pondless Waterfalls

Pondless Waterfalls are circulated waterfalls and streams without the presence of a pond. This allows individuals to enjoy the sounds and sights of waterfalls without the maintenance of a pond. Imagine a natural beautiful waterfall that is cascading over rock and boulders without a pond! The Pondless Waterfall can even be turned off when not in use. It can be a cheaper, safer, low maintenance, and more flexible option for many customers.

Waterfalls and Pools

Waterfalls and ponds create a wonderful landscape that becomes the focal point for many residential and commercial property. Not only do these waterfalls, water gardens, and ponds add beauty, they help increase the value in property, create a natural habitat for plants, fish, and aquatic life, and can provide a means for reducing stress. Barry Vance's Aqua Gardens will help construct your dream pond or waterfall!



Landscaping also involves knowing what plants to use and not to use. Numerous beautiful colors of flowering water plants are available in day blooming and night blooming varieties and in many sizes to fit the needs of every size pond from a small tub garden to a large agricultural pond. Plants provide protection for fish and other aquatic life, and help reduce algae bloom and evaporation.



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